Charis Bridge International
Building a Missions Bridge to the Nations
           President & Founder
          Pastor Alex A Nyarko
    Vice President & Treasurer
           Pastor Clyde L Weigel

Welcome to Charis Bridge International !

You may have heard of Africa being referred to as the "Dark Continent." In my early years of life I always wondered what Africa would be like and what all goes on there. Having been there to Ghana in July of 2005 I have seen some of that but also I see a new day dawning in the lives of the people as Christianity is spreading throughout much of Africa.

Charis Bridge International

Building a Missions Bridge to the Nations

We are a missions outreach ministry to the nations of Ghana, West Africa & Andhra Pradesh State, City of Bapatla, India. As the caption above states we desire to build a bridge of hope, supply & support from America to these nations.

Who We Are:

Both Pastors Alex & Peace Nyarko & Pastors Clyde & Corinne Weigel are ordained thru World Outreach Center, led by Apostles Ron & Hope Carpenter, Greenville, SC. Pastor Alex has over 20 years in ministry experience in Ghana, W Africa where he was a leader of men and pastors. Pastor Clyde has over 40 years ministry experience in ministry involving pastoral duties and other capacities.

Our Mission:

To equip and empower the nations to fulfill God's purpose for them. This will be accomplished through, Spiritual, Social, Economical & Health related training. Thus bringing about positive sustainable results.

Our Vision:

To develop a network of churches, businesses & people to support teams to go into the nations and train the leaders, thus impacting the needs and alleviating the problems in the areas we are working. This can be done by churches adopting sister churches in the nations. All it takes is for everyone working together giving something as they are led by the Lord to see these objectives accomplished.

Our Areas Of Concern

Northern Region Ghana - in 1999 Pastor Alex led by the Lord went to the Northern Region of Ghana crossing over Lake Volta by ferry boat. Then proceeding to the Salaga area where he went out into the countryside and met the Chief of the village of Ochrepie. He had been experiencing migraine headaches for a period of over 10 years. While he was ministering the chief was instantly delivered from this malady. PTL!! This opened the way for him to plant churches in other villages. The people living in these areas are of the Muslim & idol worshiping backgrounds. They are mostly farmers who till and work the soil with a short 20 inch hoe, hard back breaking work. We want to educate them in better ways of producing their crops and food so that they will be able to raise their standard of living and be healthier as they do. They need water wells as they cook. drink & wash their clothes from the streams and rivers where they live. 70% of all sicknesses & diseases are caused by contaminated water being consumed. They are willing hard working people and will be able to do well with some training in better methods of food production. They need a tractor which will enable them to produce a large volume of crops so they will be able to sell the harvest and generate income to sustain their families & churches. There is little to none medical help available to them. There is an empty clinic building in one of the villages but no staff or supplies. These Muslim, Idol worshiping people readily accept Jesus as their Lord when they hear the truth preached to them. We experienced this when we were there in 2005.  They are hungry for the Word and need training. There are over one million people living in this area.

Pastor Peter Jato:is our leader in Salaga and the surrounding areas. He is married and has six children of various ages. He has been working in the Salaga & Zabzugu areas where he has established several churches where there were none. This area is largely comprised of 80% Muslim & 20% idol worshipers, so you can see the need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be presented to them. We have little funds to work with this ministry and have been working to help establish this family so as to stabilize their living to give them more free time to promote more ministry for the Lord.  


Peter Jato / Nyanetye (God's Gift) & his family          One of the churches Pastor Peter serves


                                                This is Pastor Peter Jato at the Yam Farm

We have been able to be of some help to him in funding the purchase the seeds to plant a yam farm of 1 1/2 acres where he also grows ground nuts (peanuts), maize (corn) and beans. It will be a great blessing to him to have a tractor to till the soil since they do it with a short 20 inch hoe. He has to travel 8 miles to and from this farm to care for the crops. He has walked this for a long time. We were able to purchase a bicycle for him this last year but it is still hard on him to commute this distance work and then return home. He is having much difficulty with his housing as his prayer life interferes with the powers over the house of the Muslims with whom he has to rent. Ha Ha PTL!! He has been able to purchase some land on which to build his home but lacks the funds to build it at this time. There are many orphans in the villages as well who need training and various living needs to sustain them. They speak some English but mostly Twi & KuKumba languages. These churches are far apart from each other and Peter really needs a motorcycle to help him adequately serve these churches. He has been seeing many miracles of Salvation, Healing & Deliverance in the ministry to these people.We give God the entire Glory, Honor & Praise for these accomplishments. PTL!!!

The Southern Region Area:

The Ashaiman Ministerial Association located in Ashaiman the area near Tema where Pastor Alex is from. My friend Pastor Samuel Martey is the past President of this association. This area is comprised of over 200 thouand people a mixture of Muslims & Idol worshipers. Here they are also open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The association is made up of over 200 pastors who are working and preaching the Gospel in this area. These pastors struggle to feed their families many times having one meal per day and some days none. The inflation level in Ghana is very high causing extreme poverty among these people. The average size bag of rice 25 lbs costing over $50. They need instruments and teaching material to minister to the people. Here English is spoken but with the African English accent. Many of the churches are half built, and they use canvas stretching over the unfinished portions to seat the people. We have personally met and ministered to these pastors and know of their struggles. No one is working to help these people. It is like a forgotten area by the government of Ghana. We want to hold training conferences for these pastors as the Lord enables us.

 Elementary School: This school is led by pastor Samuel Martey. They have approximately 200 students in this school Schneider Academy. Most of these children come from homes that do not have the finances to send them to private schools. The vision is to train these students so they will be empowered to better their God given lives. Many of those of extreme need are given a scholarship for this training. 

                    Children Praying                                                   Morning Assembly 

This school needs computers and basic training manuals to train the students. They need English books for grades 1-3. Also they are in need of an additional classroom at a cost of $5000. Pastor Samuel is a personal friend of mine whom I have grown to know well over the last 8 years that I have known him. He is the author of several books with great insight from the Lord. He is also in the process of building a new church building that will double as church and classrooms for the school. The current classroom and ministry area is in bad repair needing a new roof. The foundation, floor and pillars have been constructed for the new building. We have been able to help pay for some of the blocks for the walls of this building. There is a need for additional funds to complete this project. This area of Ghana is poorly supplied with their utilities. He also needs the ability to generate his own electricity so he will have a constant steady supply to run not only his household but the school and ministry.


These pictures are of Pastor Samuel Martey's church building project Ashaiman, Ghana.

As you can see there is still much to be done. We have been able to help with the purchase of some of the cement blocks. This will be a 2 story building when finished and will be a great benefit to them in ministry outreach to the community 

 Pastor Samuel & his wife Cindy have 7 children of various ages. He is a strong and very capable leader who if we are able to help sustain him will really implement greater outreach ministry to the remote surrounding villages of the area. He has been used by the Lord in ministry having personally prayed for and seen God raise those people back to life. He has used the Jesus film in outreach but his equipment is outdated from constant use. He needs new equipment to continue this work.

Accra Region Church Plant: There is a new church plant in this area that has great potential to grow made up of over 100 people at this time. The pastor Quincy Safo and his wife Bernice are working diligently to grow this ministry reaching out to the surrounding area. There are over ten million people living in the Greater Accra Region. This pastor has a desire to build a church on their own land having been able to begin paying on a plot of land with a balance remaining of $1500 to complete the purchases. They need help with this amount still due. They have been renting a school classroom where they meet for worship. It is harder for them to grow the church when they are renting the facilities as the people have less confidence in the stability of the ministry being on a solid foundation. They are usually renting from Muslims who are very shrewd in their business dealings. This can make it difficult for those renting from them. It will be a great blessing for these funds to come in to help pay off the remaining balance. Pastor Quincy is used mightily in the ministry of healing and deliverance which I witnessed while I was there. Quincy and his wife Bernice have children of whom they changed the name of one son naming him after me. His name is Clyde Lester Weigel Safo. I was really surprised when they did this never having this to happen to me before. I was honored to have this take place. I was told that this is done when the parents would like for the son to have the character qualities in that persons life.